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It is not so much of a big deal to own a property in Abuja. Property is a very good investment everyone should consider.

Property investment cannot be overemphasis as it is a good thing.

Buying and owning real estate is an investment strategy that can be both satisfying and lucrative.

Unlike stock and bond investors, prospective real estate owners can use leverage to buy a property.

By paying a portion of the total cost upfront, then paying off the balance, plus interest, over time.

Though a traditional mortgage generally requires a 20% to 25% down payment

Also some cases, a 5% down payment is all it takes to purchase an entire property.

This ability to control the asset the moment papers are signed emboldens both real estate flippers and landlords.

Who can, in turn, take out second mortgages on their homes in order to make down payments on additional properties.

Baruch and Phareex Nigeria Limited is a quality property developer and integrated living service provider in Nigeria.

Our unique architectural aesthetical outlay, coupled with our exceptional customer service provision,

ensures excellent and high quality real estate solutions for all our clients.

Now you see why we intend to make everyone own a property in Abuja and in Nigeria as a whole.

Also, In 13 years, we have built a thriving integrated real estate, planning, development, investment and management firm.

Given our established history, we have had the opportunity to make landmark contributions to the greater African continent.

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